Life Settlements

Has Your Life Insurance Policy Outlived Its Original Purpose? Did you know you may be able to sell your unwanted life insurance for real cash?

What Are the Benefits of a Life Settlement?

-Flexbility, you're able to spend your lump sum payout without any restrictions.  Uses may include:

  • Supplement Retirement Income
  • Funding long-term care or other medical expenses
  • Purchasing investments or other insurance products
  • Making gifts to heirs or charity
  • Crossing items off your "Dream" List!

-Life Settlements will always yield a greater cash payouts than surrender values yield through an inurance carrier

 Who Qualifies for a Life Settlement?

  • Policy owners: individual, business, or trusts
  • Insured age 70 or older
  • Minimum death benefit of $100,000
  • Policy must be in force for minimum two years

If you desire more money now, rather than a death benefit, considering a life settlement makes sense. And because life settlements consider both any current policy cash value, as well as, a portion of the future death benefit, they will always provide a greater payout than surrendering the policy to the insurance company.  If you qualify, you may be able to sell your unwanted policy into cash.  We represent several financial institutions that are able to give you cash for a policy you no longer need or can afford. Call us today to find out how much your life insurance policy is worth!